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EPD Egypt® is the exclusive international partner, in Egypt, of EPD International AB; the global programme operating in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

A Global Standards

By developing EPDs, you enable and support your organization to communicate quantified environmental information on the life cycle of its products in a credible, comparable, and understandable way, and according to ISO 14025, ISO 14040/14044, and other relevant standards or methodology guides.

For all building and construction products the PCR is based on EN 15804 Sustainability of Construction Works to ensure the data can be included in whole-of-building life cycle assessment to the EN 15879 standard.

Communicate your Commitment

All EPDs registered with EPD Egypt® are publicly available and mutually recognized within the International EPD® System, ensuring global alignment and broad market visibility. EPD provides a competitive advantage and a fair basis for comparing the environmental performance of products.

Gain Market Visibility and Access

Benchmarking can play a key role in gaining market success. As the national regulations and standards are setting foot and environmental awareness increasing, customers and stakeholders across your supply chain are becoming more diligent about the product’s environmental performance.

Products that are EDP-Registered gain access to more national and export markets where standards are set and/or environmental awareness is significant.  If you are B2B business, one of the most important applications is green procurement.

Expand Market Presence

By informing stakeholders of the environmental characteristics of a product (or service) in the framework of various economic interactions, including B2C (business for the consumer) and B2B (business for the business).

EPDs act as an effective marketing tool for expanding the presence of your company products in international markets, advantages in organizing the procurement of materials for buildings certified according to LEED, BREEAM, GreenStar, HQE, and other building assessment schemes.

By publishing EPDs for your product(s), you can comply with global industry standards and communicate objectively about your environmental performance and your commitment to responsible operations ( inputs and outputs) of your business.

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