EPD Verifiers and LCA Consultants

To register your product’s EPD, your journey starts with your LCA Developer, approved by EPD independent Verifier, valided by EPD-Egypt and published on the International EPD® System.

Embark on your passage to new horizons! 

To register your product’s EPD, your journey starts with your LCA Consultant ( or in-house LCA Developer), then an independent certified  EPD Verifier.

LCA Consultants  

Companies/organizations creating EPDs must perform the mandatory Life Cycle Assessment.

If the company does not have the in-house expertise, it may benefit from the assistance of external LCA consultancy firms.

Aimed to support companies and consultancies to easily find each other, International EPD® System provides a dedicated space to  LCA consultancy firms to list their information.

While such listed information does not form any warranties to the services provided by the Consultancy Firms, but we believe in the importance of easing your search and bringing you closer to access the EPD ecosystem.

Check out the update on this page for the UPCOMING LISTING.

In the meantime, if you are an organization is seeking to start its EDP Development or if you are an LCA Consultancy Firm,  please register on the EPD Portal, or contact us on:                                                              Mobile: +(2 0)100 6062 635 or +(2 0)127 1640 175 , Email: Technical-office@epdegypt.com

EPD Verifiers

Once your LCA Study is concluded, all EPDs must be independently verified before registration and publication.

Verification is conducted only through “Approved Verifiers” to allow your product(s) to be registered on EPD Portal, validated through EPD-Egypt, and published on the International EPD® System.

The verification process ensures the consistency of globally published EPDs, and the credibility of your company’s EPDs.

Approved verifiers are accredited by International EPD® System by meeting competency requirements in Life Cycle methodologies and critical review of products’ Life Cycle Assessments studies.

Only verifiers currently listed on International EPD® System are approved to carry out EPD verification.

In case your company seeks our advice and guidance on the selection of an Approved Verifier. Please contact our: Technical Office

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