Climate Action

Responsible Businesses support Carbon Emission Reductions, Carbon-free operations, or a Climate Action activity,  as part of  all country’s effort towards Climate Change threat and Paris Agreement.


Climate ِDecleration

A Climate Declaration is a stand-alone declaration of the global warming potential of a product or service that describes greenhouse gas emissions, expressed as carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents along its life cycle. It is issued based on the verified results of the product or service life cycle assessment according to ISO 14040-14044 and issued based on ISO 14025.

Since Climate Declarations are issued based on the verified global warming potential of the product included on its EPD, therefore no further verification is required.  However, creating and publishing a Climate Declaration based on the EPD will be on additional service fee per Climate Declaration.

Read on: EPD Registration Fees.

An organization, with verified EPD(s), needs to submit a request to EPD-Egypt® to create and publish its Climate Declaration during the EPD registration process. Contact our Technical Office.