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LCA – EPD Practitioner Training – August 2023

LCA – EPD Practitioner Training – August 2023

EPD Egypt Empowers Professionals with LCA-EPD Practitioner Training

EPD Egypt, a leading organization in environmental sustainability, proudly announces the successful completion of its comprehensive training program on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) methodologies. The training conducted both online via Zoom and offline at the esteemed Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE), took place from August 1st to August 10th, 2023, encompassing 30 hours of intensive learning.

Aligned with globally recognized standards such as ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14025, and European standards EN 15804, the training program equipped participants with the essential skills to define LCA Study Scopes, establish System Boundaries, collect and classify data, and evaluate the environmental impacts of products throughout their entire life cycle. Furthermore, participants gained expertise in Environmental Product Declaration Reports, utilizing and analyzing results, and LCA modeling.

EPD Egypt’s training initiative brought together professionals from various sectors like The Ministry of the Environment, the Egyptian Organization For Standardization & Quality, Production factories, and others to contribute to sustainable decision-making and promote environmental awareness. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, participants delved into the intricacies of LCA and EPD methodologies, fostering a deep understanding of environmental performance assessment and effective communication of product sustainability.

As we completed the “LCA – EPD Training – August 2023 Round,” we wish that the knowledge and skills gained by the participants will play a pivotal role in driving sustainable practices and promoting environmental consciousness within our respective fields.

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