LCA Practitioner Exam 2023

LCA Practitioner Exam 2023

The Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) Practitioner exam is a well-rounded online test aimed to test not only the technical background of LCA and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) but also the ethical practices in LCA, how to manage an LCA project, how to handle LCA data and troubleshoot problems.


Benefits of passing the exam:
✅ Your name will be added to our LCA-EPD practitioner list on our website: LCA Practitioners List
✅ Earning the Attendance Certification.
✅ Validating your knowledge of performing LCA according to ISO 14040 standards.
✅ Validating your knowledge of issuing EPDs according to ISO 21930 and EN 15804 standards

Who is eligible?
Anyone is eligible to take the exam. It is not limited to those who have attended a training workshop with EPD Egypt.

The exam is a professional exam that includes questions related to theory and application. In other words, the exam content is not related to specific content or course material, rather it tests your knowledge about the LCA and EPDs in general to ensure understanding of LCA’s concept and application.

Exam Dates:
You can choose one date from the following dates:
• 30th of September 2023
• 30th of December 2023

If you’re interested in taking the LCA Practitioner exam, please click the link below to learn more and register:

For any inquiries, Send an email to: