EPD Development Steps

Conduct your Product’s Life Cycle Assessment and declare the environmental impacts associated with your product.

EPD Development Steps

The Technical Office of EPD Egypt will give you the full guidance to create and publish your EPD. you can contact us at: technical-office@epdegypt.com

Developing an Environmental Product Declaration in the International EPD® System includes the following main steps:

1. Selecting the relevant PCR to your product

Choosing the appropriate Product Category Rules (PCR) is crucial before creating an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The selected PCR should be listed in the International EPD System and valid during the verification process. You can find all PCRs at EPD Portal | PCR Library

Guidance on finding the correct PCR can be obtained by contacting the Secretariat at pcr@environdec.com

2. Conducting LCA according to the PCR

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a pivotal step in EPD development. Organizations can conduct the LCA study in-house or seek assistance from an expert consultant in LCA and environmental declarations. After that, LCA has to get verification to be transferred into EPD format.

You can find a list of LCA Consultants on this page: EPD and LCA Consultants

3. Compiling data and information in the EPD Reporting format

Organizations can transfer the LCA study into EPD format in-house or seek assistance from an expert consultant in LCA and EPD.  You have to communicate with the technical office of EPD Egypt to provide you with:

  1. The updated EPD Template,
  2. The Excel templates for machine-readable EPDs,
  3. The Registration Form to be filed in.

You can find a list of EPD Consultants on this page: EPD and LCA Consultants

4. Verifying the EPD Report

The verification process for an EPD must be conducted by either an approved individual verifier or an accredited certification body. These verifiers or bodies should possess knowledge and experience relevant to the specific products, industry, applicable standards, and geographical scope covered by the EPD.

You can find the Approved Verifers on this: Approved Individual Verifiers

5. Registering and Publishing the EPD

After verification, you will communicate with our technical office with the following documents to register and publish your EPD. The required documents:

  • LCA and EPD in PDF format with the signed verification reports,
  • EPD Egypt, EPD International, and ECO Platform logos are to be included on EPD’s cover page,
  • The Excel templates for machine-readable EPDs,
  • The filled registration form,
  • List of products included in the EPD,
  • Product Description and clear image for each product,
  • Picture of the declared product or service

After that, EPD Egypt will provide a reference number for each EPD to be added to your EPD file and communicate with the EPD International Help Desk to publish your EPD.

Regarding EPD Registration fees, you can know more from this page: EPD Registration Fees

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