The International EPD® System

It is the world’s first and longest operational EPD programme, operating in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

Enabling and supporting organizations to communicate quantified environmental information on their products’ life cycle in a credible, comparable, and understandable way.

+400 organizations, in 50 countries,


The International EPD® System

The International EPD® System is the inventor of the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and the Product Category Rules (PCR). It operates a system to verify and register EPD®s and maintain a publicly available library of EPD®s and PCRs.

PCRs are the General Programme Instructions. They are the rules guiding the overall administration and operation of the International EPD® System.

The International EPD System is open to private and public organizations from most countries, and any product category. As of today, +400 organizations from almost 50 countries publish their EPDs via the programme.

The program is operated in accordance with  ISO 14025, ISO/TS14027, ISO 14040, ISO 14044 and ISO/TS14067.

For construction products in Europe, the EPD programme is also aligned with the European standard EN 15804 and ISO 21930.

EPDs with global validity accepted in various Green Building Schemes (e.g. BREEAM, LEED), Building Information Management (BIM) software for building LCAs and Green Public Procurement.

The International EPD System has a global service network (independent licensees) with exclusive representations in the following territories: Egypt, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Southeast Asia and Turkey. All other nations are managed via EPD International AB in Sweden

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