EPD Registration Fees

Looking to issue multiple EPDs !

The EPD Pricing Policy follows a new scheme to ensure a global alignment and encouraging single-organizations to register more products through a decreasing cost per EPD


EPD Registration Fees

Providing orgaizations with mulitple options, the following are the different EPD’s registration fees, payable to EPD-Egypt® in its capacity as the Local Partner and Registration Body for International EPD® System.

1. EPD Registration Fee

This fee is a one-time cost as per the requested number of registered EDPs, where the fee per EPD is reduced for subsequent EPDs from the same member organization, at the same time.

1.1 For EPDs of single companies:

1.2 For Industry Associations* (Sector EPD):

2. Annual Fee(recurring)

The annual fee is paid to register the company profile on International EPD® System before the registration of its first EPD.

An organization’s annual fee is payable annually from the time the first EPD is registered.  The annual fee is independent of the number of EPDs registered by the organization, but the fee varies depending on the number of employees and type of organization.

The annual fee is a recurring fee that is annually renewed as long as the organization’s EPDs remain published and registered.  The organization shall inform EPD-Egypt® when the EPDs are to be deregistered and no longer published.

The company’s EPDs are de-registered if fees are not paid in time, or non-conformance with the requirements in the General Programme Instructions of the International EPD® System and/or programme operator’s guidelines, directives,s and policies for EPD services.

3.Updated or Editorial of existing EPDs 

Updates of registered EPDs during their validity (e.g. editorial updates) or after they have expired are included in the above annual fee.

With the first EPD registration of an organization, a share of the annual fee of the present calendar year will be invoiced together with the EPD registration fee:

  • Registration in Q1: 100%,
  • Registration in Q2: 75%,
  • Registration in Q3: 50%,
  • Registration in Q4: 25%.

Annual fees after the first, partial calendar year are then normally invoiced at the beginning of the year.

If an organization wishes that its EPD(s) to be deregistered and no longer published, an invoice will be then be sent with the share of the annual fee of the elapsed part of the year.

 4. Holding organizations with various subsidiaries

Company groups wishing to register EPDs from multiple companies in the group are encouraged to contact the Technical Office

5.Fees for additional options during EPD Registration

6.Payment terms

Payments are due 30 days from the date of the invoice. The programme operator will de-register EPDs if the registration fee or annual fee is not paid in time, or non-conformance with the requirements in the General Programme Instructions of the International EPD® System and/or the programme operator’s guidelines, directive and policies for EPD services.

Value Added Taxes 

  • All fees are specified without VAT and may be revised in the future. International transactions are exempt from VAT if the VAT number of the organization has been provided in the registration form.
  • The invoice address and VAT information provided in the registration form should be of the EPD owner, and not of the consultant nor the verifier.
  • Payments are due 30 days from the date of the invoice received from EPD-Egypt®.

Subject to change

All fees and charges are subject to change without notice.

Important Notice:

The costs of preparing the LCA report, contracting a LCA consultant or contracting a verifier are not related nor included in the above registration, annual, or additional fees.

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